Alternative Therapy

2021TV-MA1 Season

An eccentric relationship counselor is pushed into uncharted territory by a young couple’s plans.

In this Argentine dramedy, Selva is an eccentric relationship counselor who has made a name for herself with her unorthodox sessions. But Selva’s career hits a roadblock when she takes on Elías and Malena, a young couple who are seeking guidance on how to separate. Stumped by this unexplored territory, Selva is forced to venture outside of her already unconventional methods to help Elías and Malena – leading her to cross patient-doctor boundaries and insert not only her mind, but also her body into their lives.


Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast:Carla Peterson, Benjamín Vicuña, Eugenia Suárez, Fernán Mirás, Julieta Cardinali, Mario Alarcón


Added to Disney+:April 6, 2022

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