1993TV-G1 Season6.6/10

A washed-up cartoon star begins a new life as the first toon cop in Hollywood.

Bonkers T. Bobcat is a cartoon star on his way out. After the studio fires him, Bonkers is without a path until he stumbles into an opportunity to work with the LAPD. Teamed with the reluctant human detective, Lucky Piquel, Bonkers becomes the first toon police officer. Together they face villains both human and toon to keep Hollywood safe.


Genres:Animation, Comedy, Kids

Cast:Charlie Adler, Corey Burton, Jesse Corti, Jim Cummings, Frank Welker, Gregg Berger

Production Country:United States, Hong Kong, South Korea, France, Canada, China, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines


Added to Disney+:November 11, 2019

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