Journey to the Center of the Earth

2023TV-PG1 Season

Diego and his friends go on an incredible quest to protect the world's balance.

Diego dreams of having his video game achievements turned into real-life explorations. He is a creative and curious kid, an inventor and the leader of his group of friends. Diego is spending the summer with his friends at the camp run by Pompilio Calderón, an eccentric and well-known explorer. There they find a medallion that belonged to Pola, Diego's grandmother. Following in her footsteps, they will discover some ruins and a mysterious portal to "The Verne Dimension", a parallel universe that symbolizes what our planet could have been were it not for the destructive greed of mankind. They experience incredible adventures in their quest to help Pola balance both dimensions and save the planet from disaster.


Genres:Action-Adventure, Science Fiction

Cast:Óscar Jaenada, Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Gabriel Goity, Sebastián García, Yankel Stevan, Mauricio Barrientos "El Diablito"


Added to Disney+:April 5, 2023

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