Ready to Run

2000TV-G89 min5.6/10

Corrie dreams of becoming a jockey despite her father's race-related death.

Although her father died in a racing-related accident, Corrie Ortiz dreams of becoming a jockey in the predominantly male sport of thoroughbred horse racing. Despite her mother’s misgivings, Corrie uses a gift her grandmother calls the "confidence of horses" to help her horse, Thunderjam, overcome his fears, then guides him all the way to the California Derby.


Genres:Animals & Nature, Coming of Age, Family

Director:Duwayne Dunham

Cast:Krissy Perez, Jason Dohring, Lillian Hurst, Jon Brazier, Nestor Serrano, Theresa Saldana

Production Country:United States, New Zealand


Added to Disney+:November 12, 2019

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