Tokyo Revengers

2021TV-MA1 Season

Traveling back in time to middle school, Takemichi rewrites his life story to save his sweetheart.

Already low and down on his luck, Takemichi Hanagaki is devastated to learn that the love of his life from his middle school years has been killed by the criminal Tokyo Manji Gang. While Takemichi waits for a train the very next day, he is pushed from behind into the path of an oncoming train. Prepared to die, he instead wakes up to find he has traveled twelve years into the past and is again a middle school student. Now, Takemichi can rewrite history by making different choices in the hopes of preventing the death of his sweetheart. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.


Genres:Action-Adventure, Animation, Anime

Cast:Yuuki Shin, Azumi Waki, Ryota Osaka, Yuu Hayashi, Masaya Fukunishi, Sho Karino


Added to Disney+:January 7, 2023

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