Sara's Notebook

A naive Madrid lawyer travels to Africa to search for her younger sister, who has gone missing in a part of Congo plagued by violence and strife.
Production Country:Spain
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Spanish film Sara's Notebook follows Laura Alonso (Belén Rueda), who departs on a perilous search into the Democratic Republic of Congo to find her missing sister. Laura's relentless mission becomes entangled with the country's inner turmoil, where warring factions compete for minerals worth trillions of dollars. While the introduction of Congo's minerals seems like it might lead to a larger sociopolitical discussion of the global interest in Africa's natural resources that have caused much of the continent's inner conflict, the story never takes a turn in that direction. Instead, the main premise of Sara's Notebook is a story of family and survival, employing a humanistic lens to relate the struggle of people trying to turn bad into good.

Danielle Ransom

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