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Born without legs and stuck in foster care for years, teen Zion Clark finds his calling when he pursues competitive wrestling. A documentary short.
Director:Floyd Russ
Cast:Zion Clark
Production Country:United States
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Added to Netflix:August 10, 2018
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From the Daily Dot

Netflix's documentary short Zion tells the story of a young boy who's been abandoned by his family and struggles to find his place in the world, as well as a place to live. The boy, who has only known rejection, lashes out because he doesn't know what it feels like to be loved, to be valued. He wants Рand deserves Рto be accepted for who he is, but that can't happen until he accepts himself. Clocking in at just 11 minutes, Zion wastes no time getting to the heart of the story Рand the heart of the audience.

Eddie Strait

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