On My Skin

TV-MA·100 min·Dramas, International Movies
Arrested in Rome for a drug-related offense, Stefano Cucchi endures a harrowing week in custody that changes his family forever. Based on true events.
Production Country:Italy
 On My Skin: The Last Seven Days of Stefano Cucchi (2018) on IMDb
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Added to Netflix:September 12, 2018
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From the Daily Dot

On Oct. 15, 2009, Stefano Cucchi was arrested on a minor drug charge. He was taken into custody by the Carabinieri and died a week later. Stefano's case made waves in Italy and was the subject of multiple trials in an attempt to understand what happened. On My Skin tells his story, and it's set up to be a movie of the moment, for the moment. Instead, it is frustratingly thin. Director Alessio Cremonini is so committed to a straight retelling that the movie falls short – he reads a newspaper story to the audience.

Eddie Strait

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