The Resistance Banker

TV-MA·123 min·Dramas, International Movies
Risking his family and future, a banker in occupied Amsterdam slows the Nazi war machine by creating an underground bank to fund the resistance.
Director:Joram Lürsen
Production Country:Netherlands
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Added to Netflix:September 11, 2018
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From the Daily Dot

There is no other human conflict that has been so frequently revisited on the big screen as World War II, and Netflix's Dutch import The Resistance Banker proves to be worthy of that spotlight. Director Joram Lursen's period drama is based on the real-life story of Dutch banker Walraven van Hall (Barry Atsma), a man who, witnessing the encroachment of the Nazi war machine and the removal of his Jewish neighbors in ominous train cars, decides to fight back in a method more suited to his skills than just taking up a rifle. Instead, Walraven concocts a scheme to help finance the Dutch resistance by surreptitious means, funneling funds under the guise of a charitable fund to help Dutch sailors stranded abroad by the war. The Resistance Banker is a compelling look at an unlikely hero of the war effort who otherwise has been relegated to relative obscurity outside of his home country. It's harrowing, fascinating viewing, and well worth your investment.

David Wharton

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